Success Stories are important to me. Getting other people results is the whole purpose of my journey.

See just a few transformations I have proudly created for my clients below.

“I have been sitting on my ideas for two years, never really having clarity about how to put them into something real. My contact with Kylie came just at the right time because any longer and I think I may have given up. The VIP day has been life changing for me.

I spent the whole day with Kylie, we clicked straight away and by the end of it I had absolute clarity. Not only clarity, Kylie gave me a step by step plan for what needed to be done. I would have paid much more to get what I got from Kylie and it would have been worth it. I’ve seen other programs that cost a lot more and deliver a lot less.

I’ve decided to opt-in to Kylie’s one to one program because without her I know I won’t do what needs to be done, I have absolute faith in what she does. I’m just lucky to have found her. Exciting times ahead.”

Anna Zannides

“My VIP day has been a great help to get me in the right direction.
Starting out with lots of ideas but also lots of confusion, Kylie’s support helped me to get some clearance, but most of all her being very enthusiastic about my ideas gave me a great boost in going forward.

The day itself was fun, interesting with loads of information and the nice thing is that Kylie took all the notes so I could concentrate on listening and absorbing, knowing that she would send over the notes.
Kylie is great in asking the right questions, she knows a lot with she shared happily with me.
It felt more like a day with a friend than being a client.

This day got me really started from just ideas into real action, also trough a lot of knowledge I gained that day regarding the steps involved. I am now ready to launch the first part of my program in September and let it grow from there, thanks to the great advice Kylie gave me.

If you want to speak with me about my experience don’t hesitate to contact me, I am more than happy to talk about it.

If you have any doubts if you should do it, put them aside and just do it, it really really gives you a huge leap forward.”

Leontien Homulle

“Can wholeheartedly recommend a Knowledge to Cashflow VIP Day with Kylie.  You are a great strategist and even though I kind of knew what I wanted to do – you got me thinking outside the box, I got clarity and it immediately spurred me to action straight away.

Result? 3 brand new coaching clients who started with me yesterday.  So for anyone sitting on the fence wondering…

My advice is go for it.”

Nicky Price

“I had the pleasure of having a VIP day with the amazing Kylie Menz coaching me through her Lifestyle Biz Strategies. As a Life Coach my major struggle was having a hard time charging my customers as I didn’t really see the break down and value of what I offered.

After the day with Kylie I not only was able to go in more depth with my coaching program but I was able to add more value to it which gave me the confidence to successfully price my services.

I can tell you that in the space of 3 weeks I was able to get my first paying customer of a £1000 and that is going from charging as little as £200. This is amazing!! Kylie thank you.”

Michelle Watson

“I have followed Kylie for a while and have tuned into her inspirational online shows. She seemed the obvious person to work with when I wanted to launch my own online programme.

I found Kylie to be very thorough, organised and motivational throughout the whole process. She broke down the task into easy manageable steps which made the work less daunting. I felt that she was holding my hand every step of the way and that I was being supported.

She is extremely knowledgeable about online marketing and I felt like she really cared that my webinar was a success. It was and it was all because I had such a great guide. I highly recommend Kylie and I look forward to working again with her on my next project.”

Jo Le'Febour

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